Transportation route Latvia - Great Britain - Latvia

"From door to door"

Regular, reliable and safe!
The courier (cargo) insurance "All Risks Zone 3" (all over the EU)

More and more people across Europe entrust us delivery of their shipments.
You can apply for shipment at our website or by phone 00 371 22001118.

We offer transport services, road transportation, trailer transportation. Shipment of parcels, packages, household items, television sets, bicycles, building materials, furniture, recreational vehicles (caravans), motorcycles / mopeds, minivans, four - wheel drive SUVs (400 - 500 euros), property items, home appliances, etc.

We offer courier and express courier services, courier mail delivery, international shipments, carriage of passengers and parcels delivery.

 - Shipment of beds, sofas and other furniture, prams (price negotiable), large and small household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves, etc. (price negotiable)).

If you have chosen an item on Ebay or another marketplace online, but the seller does not offer the possibility of non - cash transactions (cash on collection)? We will help you out to get the much - desired property. 

Email us, ask questions and we will help you find a solution!

In addition, we offer money transfers while you are abroad.