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Probably the best company in all of Europe in the field of small packages, parcels, cargo and non-standard cargo transportation.


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Transportation of various cargoes and shipments in Europe

The main activity of our company is the transportation of various cargoes and shipments in Europe. Whether it’s small parcels, small loads, small loads, parcels, bags, suitcases, documents, parcels, couriers or other types of delivery, we will be able to provide it at the highest level. Considering that we value the customer and his wishes the most, this has allowed us to be flexible and to be able to provide a wide variety of transport services, which we mostly perform on the route Latvia – Ireland and Ireland – Latvia.

We have already gained significant experience in the delivery of parcels, which allows us to be considered one of the best companies in the delivery market. We provide our customers with the highest possible quality cargo and parcel transportation services at the most customer-friendly and affordable prices. If you have a shipment that you want to entrust to us, contact us! We will find the best solution to deliver the shipment to the required final address.

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From the very beginning, the most important thing in our company is the customer and the customer’s wishes. That is why we are very flexible and able to meet the requirements of a wide range of transport services.

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The best freight and parcel company in Europe. We will take or bring from Latvia to Ireland and from Ireland to Latvia. We transport cargo and packages of any size and shape. If you are unsure whether we will be able to take your shipment, contact us. We will definitely find the best solution to deliver your shipment to the required address. We have everything we can!

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